Tech Tips

 The following procedures have been compiled by club members and authors offer no guaranties on the usefulness or accuracy of the writings. These modifications are procedures we have performed and find useful out on the trail. We are not responsible for any information or actions taken by you for using this information.

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Universal Applications





 Do you have a lifted truck and bigger tires resulting in an inaccurate speedometer? If so, our calculator page can help! 
Includes Calculators to Find

  • Correct Speedometer Reading

  • Crawl Ratio

  • Best Ring and Pinion Ratio

  • Accurate Speedometer Readings

  • Accurate Tachometer Readings

  • Tire Conversions from P-Metric to Inches

Click Here to go to the Calculator Page

Have a 1980-96 Ford Bronco? Brian Cunningham wrote a very nice C++ program that will give you super accurate stats about RPM and speedometer readings taking many variables on your truck in consideration. GearCalc (120KB)