The WT Four Wheel Drive club was founded by Dave Blue in 1997. It started as just a few friends who enjoyed four wheeling and camping together. Over the years, friends and coworkers have joined to make the club what it is today.

Our club is currently in a state of transition while moving to be more organized. Club membership requirements are still under discussion, but it will always be based on trip attendance. Club meetings may be held every few months, but the majority of the club's business is handled online in our bulletin board because many members live all over the bay area. We also have social events every now and then, and attendance is encouraged to meet other club members. 

Current Members

General Qualifications

We have members from all over the bay area and beyond. We offer day trips as well as multi-night camping trips to many popular trails as well as some of the lesser known ones.

If you are interested in the club, I would suggest looking at some of our past trail reports and judging if our brand of four wheeling is right for you. From there, please join or browse through our bulletin board to stay current and meet some club members.


For more information on the club or on how to join, please e-mail, The WT 4-Wheeling Team.